Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Glenwood Spring, Colo.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better combination of gold-medal water, blue-sky climate, and stunning canyonscapes anywhere in the world besides Glenwood Springs. It's the geographic center of the best flyfishing in the state: The Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers merge right in town, and the Eagle River, the Frying Pan, and the Gunnison are easy day trips. In any season (even the dead of winter), there's always at least one world-class flyfishing option. Glenwood is far enough downstream from the la-la world of Aspen to keep things relatively affordable, and with 300 sunny days a year, natural hot springs, and more trout-laden rivers and lakes than you can count, Glenwood is soothing to the angler's soul.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

North America's Top 10 Trout-Fishing Towns

Arnold Gingrich, an avid angler who also happened to found Esquire magazine, once wrote, “A trout is a moment of beauty known only to those who seek it.” According to government statistics, some 11 million anglers in the U.S. and Canada search for that moment of beauty every year. President Obama joined the ranks this week when he fished for trout in Montana.

North American anglers are blessed. The continent has some of the best trout fishing in the world. And unlike the British Isles, where most trout water is private, the best fishing on this side of the pond is open to the public and relatively easy to access.
In Depth: Top Trout-Fishing Towns

Depending on where one lives, right now might not be the best time to take up the sport since some rivers and streams have warmed to the point that the fish stop eating during daylight hours. But spring creeks (streams formed by ice-cold springs) and rivers known as “tailwaters” (rivers fed by the dams that release cool water from the bottom) fish well all year round, even in the dog days of August. And, with the coming of fall, all rivers will begin to cool off. Superb trout fishing is right around the corner. And we’ve got 10 great places to do it.

Admittedly, identifying the best trout towns in North America is a subjective exercise. Most of the time, the best trout fishing is wherever you can do it, and people tend to favor their home streams. Like politics, trout fishing is a local concern.

East Coast Spots

In the East, Roscoe, N.Y., in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, calls itself Trout Town USA. The hallowed Beaverkill River–a favorite haunt of the late Arnold Gingrich and the New York City literary set–and the charming Willowemoc River flow right through town. Nearby, the East and West branches of the Delaware River provide some of the best wild brown and rainbow trout fishing in the East.

“Roscoe is the hub of an area that has great trout fishing and a long literary history,” says Paul Weamer, author of Fly Fishing Guide to the Upper Delaware River and Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches.

You might think of State College, Penn., as just a college football town, but the area surrounding it is veined with what locals call “limestoners,” which are creeks and rivers fed by cool springs. Penns Creek and Spring Creek, which flows through town, are two world-famous trout streams. “The springs keep the rivers fishable all year,” says Weamer. “And they hold some big trout.”

Big Sky Spots

 In the West, Montana has earned the reputation as perhaps the best trout fishing spot in North America. Missoula and West Yellowstone are two of the most prominent, but really any place in the western part of the state could fit the bill.

Missoula is a laid-back college town with a serious trout-fishing addiction. Anglers can fish the bouldery Blackfoot (A River Runs Through It author Norman Maclean’s home river) and the cottonwood-lined Bitteroot, both of which empty into the Clark Fork, named after explorer, William Clark, which has 300 miles of fishable water.

West Yellowstone is in the epicenter of some of the best trout fishing in the world. It’s a quirky place, where the frontier greets thousands of RVs that cruise through Yellowstone National Park.

“It’s a honky-tonk town with everything a fly-fisherman needs,” says Tom Rosenbauer, the marketing director for Orvis Rod & Tackle. “And it’s a gateway to so much great fishing.”

In the park, anglers can hit the famous Firehole and Gibbon Rivers. Also nearby is the Gallatin (where A River Runs Through It was filmed), the trout-rich Madison and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River–one of the most beautiful and challenging trout rivers in the world.

But there is great trout fishing found all over North America, from Michigan to Arkansas to California to Calgary. Time to rig up the rod and get out there.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Five of the best desinations for salmon fishing

There are several species of salmon worldwide. And then there is Salmo salar, the Atlantic salmon. For anglers there is something that sets “Salmo the leaper” apart. To Europeans it is our only salmon, and so it burns brightly in folklore and poetry and tales of red-letter days when Victorians with big beards hefted dozens from mist-soaked torrents in the Highlands.

 Fresh from the sea and of a silver that almost compels cliché, the Atlantic salmon is fishy perfection: they look predatory without appearing malevolent; they are built for stamina and persistence, but are neither rakish nor bullheaded. To anglers they are compellingly inscrutable. One day they’ll throw themselves at your feathery hook, the next they will leap all about you and nothing will induce them to take.

 Set against this sophisticated reservation, their poor Pacific cousins are arriviste, gaudy and promiscuous. Go to Alaska if you want to catch a boat-full of fish and die of surfeited boredom. But for a lifetime’s addiction, stick to the Atlantic.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An englishman carp fishing in USA West Virginia

An afternoon fishing for carp on the new river in west virginia. I get my hands full as carp bite on both rods at the same time.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fly Fishing in Asheville

Bryn Mooser hops in his Land Rover to drive through the Biltmore Estate, to a beautiful lagoon, where he is introduced to fly fishing.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Carp Fishing in Washington, D.C. USA

A fun day carp fishing at the tidal basin in Washington, D.C. USA in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Caught a bunch of carp and small catfish on boilied feed corn and plum boilies from Dynamite Baits.

Carp Fishing - Tennessee Style USA

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fishing in the USA - Florida Keys

Fishing in Florida seems like one of the most popular past times. Travelling from the mainland to Key West fishermen can be seen along the old abandoned railway bridge and the interstate bridges. Free parking is available at opposite ends of bridges and safe from traffic fishing stations let all members of the family enjoy this past time. It's fun for all members of the family.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 great places to go bass fishing

With the sale of fishing licenses climbing, bass fishing is reeling in new fans. "There's a huge influx of young blood," says James Hall, editor of Bassmaster magazine, citing high schools and colleges that are adding competitive fishing teams. Hall shares some favorites from the magazine's annual list of the top 100 bass-fishing lakes with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Lake Coeur d'Alene


Even if the fishing weren't good here, Hall says he'd still journey to this spot for its beauty. But the lake stands out because of the different ways you can catch bass. "You can fish shallow by the bank, or you can go to 30 to 40 feet of water and catch just as many fish off deep ledges or boulders." 877-782-9232; coeurdalene.org

Sam Rayburn Reservoir


All lakes go through life cycles with good and poor fishing, and this southeast Texas reservoir north of Beaumont is at the top of its game right now, Hall says. After several years of drought, the lake is recovering nicely. "The water has risen recently, and usually when that happens, the bass fishing goes crazy." samrayburn.com

Thousand Islands

New York

This section of the St. Lawrence River Valley in Upstate New York and on the Canadian border is not only a long-recognized beauty spot, it's also renowned as a hatchery for smallmouth bass. "They're acrobatic and they fight hard, and they're typically willing to eat artificial bait if you get it in front of them," Hall says. 315-386-4000; fishcap.net

Smith Mountain Lake


You don't usually find good smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing in the same area. But this Blue Ridge Mountains reservoir near Roanoke is blessed, Hall says, with plenty of 3- or 4-pound fish. "You can catch not only both species, but you have really good quality." 540-483-3040; visitfranklincountyva.org

Lake St. Clair


Ranked this year as the top bass lake in the country by Bassmaster, the Detroit-area fishing hot spot sits on the border between Michigan and Canada and is part of the Great Lakes ecosystem. It's especially welcoming during the summer fishing season, Hall says. "The fish are everywhere, and typically, they are really big. A first-timer can go out there and catch bass." 586-463-4581; metroparks.com

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes


Not far from the wonders of Orlando's theme parks, anglers can find their own fantasyland of fishing — an ecosystem of more than two dozen lakes that's home to record bass-fishing tournament catches. Hall, who previously lived in the area, loves the Old Florida atmosphere. "You're surrounded by really cool swamp. There are alligators all over the place, there are water birds, and the bass there are enormous." 407-742-8200; experiencekissimmee.com

Grand Lake O' the Cherokees


This impoundment of Grand River was the host of the 2013 Bassmaster Classic, which is considered the Super Bowl of competitive bass fishing. "It's a lake that is very generous to newbie anglers. You don't have to know a great deal to be able to have the day of your life fishing," Hall says. "It's in a very healthy moment of its life cycle, so the bass fishing is really, really good right now." 918-786-2289; grandlakefun.com

Bull Shoals Lake 

Arkansas and Missouri

Anglers find striking scenery and memorable fishing at this Ozarks-area lake, an impoundment of the White River held back by a huge concrete dam. Hall says it is popular with crank baiters, a simple cast-and-reel technique using an artificial minnow-shaped lure. "You can just throw it in and pull it out." 870-404-2741; ozarkmountainregion.com

Clear Lake


Anglers come to this natural freshwater lake in Northern California for stunning mountain scenery — and huge fish. The area is sometimes called the "Bass Capital of the West." Hall is a big fan. "You can float in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and maybe catch the biggest bass of your life." 800-525-3743; lakecounty.com

Lake Guntersville


Located about 90 minutes from Birmingham, this state park, an impoundment of the Tennessee River, is a perennial bass-fishing powerhouse. "It's a giant nursery for bass. It's filled with grass, and it's a really big body of water," Hall says. "It's not hard to find fish." 855-934-7425; alabamabasstrail.org

Monday, June 1, 2015

North Myrtle Beach S.C. USA Surf Fishing

HD Verde River Trout Fishing Arizona USA

Fly fishing the Verde River in Cottonwood Arizona areas.

Small Trout but Great Fishing in Arizona !

Discovering carp fishing in USA

In todays video Raphael Biagini gives you his best fishing tipps and how he approaches new and unknown lakes in the US. "Fishing in America is a real pleasure!" Have Fun watching!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Georgetown, SC

Several rivers converge at the Intercoastal Waterway in this city in the Carolina Lowcountry. Famed lakes Moultrie and Marion are a short drive to the west.

The Francis Marion National Forest provides more than a quarter million acres of public-land hunting for deer, turkeys, quail, and small game.


Two prominent names working in both the fishing and hunting industry, Larysa Switlyk and Ken Keene will be pairing up this year to compete in the Austin Team Championship; one of North America's longest running carp fishing competitions located in Austin, Texas.

Hosted by the Carp Anglers Group, the Austin Team Championship has a rich history and over the years has produced many 30+ lb fish, several 40’s and countless personal bests by the competitors. There have also been captures of Smallmouth Buffalo exceeding 60 lbs which is another reason why Larysa and Ken are very excited to attend.

 Although it's officially their first event competing as a team, this carp angling duo have more than just "winning" on their minds while attending the Austin Team Championship. With a common goal of "raising carp fishing awareness" in North America and abroad, Larysa Switlyk and Ken Keene will be working in conjunction on different carp related projects to help further grow the sport. Having founded the world's largest FREE online carp fishing competition, Ken says, "We couldn't think of a better event to attend than the Austin Team Championship for helping launch our efforts promoting carp fishing worldwide."

 Establishing quite a name for herself within the outdoor industry, Larysa Switlyk has been hunting and fishing for several years now with many of her ventures taking place all over the world. Since accepting the North American ambassador role with the world's largest FREE online carp fishing competition(www.BigFourCarp.com), Larysa has big plans of introducing carp fishing to a much broader audience through her new and exciting network show entitled, "Larysa Unleashed" which debuts July 2013 on NBC Sports.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grand Junction, CO

Magnificent mesas and endless elk—Grand Junction’s breathtaking scenery makes the perfect backdrop for chasing public-land bulls. Numerous alpine trout lakes keep local anglers busy.

Centerville, IA

They got the name right. Centerville is in the middle of a sportsman’s paradise. Epic whitetails get the headlines (the 307-inch Lovstuen Buck was killed just north of here), but south-central Iowa has plenty of four-season opportunity: abundant turkeys and waterfowl, plus great crappies, walleyes, and channel cats on Rathbun Lake north of town.

But it’s the human dimension of this place—the classic Midwestern courthouse square, the easy friendliness of its residents—that makes this a great town to call home. Plus, Centerville has some bona fide hunting pedigree: It’s the original home of groundbreaking Knight muzzleloading rifles.

Rapid City, SD

This gateway to the ruggedly beautiful Black Hills region of western South Dakota offers its 67,000 residents a wide variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Mountain lakes and coldwater streams to the west of town are home to brook, brown, and rainbow trout. In the surrounding prairie, a constellation of reservoirs and stock dams hold largemouths, pike, and panfish.

Hunting opportunities are available nearly year-round. Whitetails, mule deer, elk, and Merriam’s turkeys prowl the mountains. A short drive will put you into pheasants, sharptails, and prairie chickens. Pronghorns, coyotes, and prairie dogs are plentiful in the grasslands.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Venice, LA

If you like your saltwater rimmed by white sand beaches, palm trees, and tiki bars, this is not the place for you. However, if you live to hunt and fish, and yearn to do it 24/7/365, then this tiny community at the mouth of the Mississippi River beckons.

Despite its infamy as the epicenter of both Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Venice remains arguably the greatest place in North America to fish and hunt waterfowl.

In 2011, Bassmaster Classic competitors ran down the Mississippi from New Orleans to Venice—more than two hours by boat—to fill their livewells with largemouths. However, it’s world-class redfish and speckled trout fishing that draw the recreational fishermen. You will catch fish here every day that you hit the water, and you can’t say that about very many other places in the country.

If you get bored in the marshes, big-game fishing opportunities—from marlin to tuna, sailfish to swords—are plentiful around the offshore gas and oil rigs.
September marks the beginning of teal season in this waterfowler’s paradise, with more than 14 percent of the country’s wetlands located in this region of southern Louisiana.

Salmon, ID

This town’s name should be your first clue as to why it attracts sportsmen the way a spawning run draws bears. Located right on the Salmon River—and bordering millions of acres of public hunting ground, including the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48 (the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness)—Salmon has, well, everything.

The Salmon and its tributaries offer world-class fishing for trout, steelhead, and other species year-round. On the crags and benches above the Salmon and other nearby rivers, wingshooters chase chukar and huns, while at higher elevations blue and spruce grouse predominate.

The big-game scene has changed in Salmon with the resurgence of wolves. But trophy elk, mule deer, and whitetails are still accessible, and the hunting for bears and mountain lions is second to none.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Appleton, WI

More than 170 years ago, trappers and fur traders chased the promise of lucrative beaver pelts up the Fox River and settled the town of Appleton. Today, enormous whitetail deer draw outdoorsmen and -women to the Fox River Valley. The Boone and Crockett Club recently anointed Wisconsin the number-one trophy whitetail state in the country, with Cheesehead hunters logging 383 B&C entries in the last five years. In the last three seasons, three different bucks killed within 50 miles of downtown Appleton have either broken or threatened Badger State records. But there’s a lot more to do in Appleton than sit in a treestand.

Nearby Lake Winnebago and the Fox River, which runs through town, are premier walleye fisheries. Green Bay, 30 minutes to the north, offers some of the best smallmouth bass and muskie fishing in the country. Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area sits 70 miles to the south and is the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the country. Hundreds of thousands of geese migrate through the region each fall. Sixty miles to the north, the 661,000-acre Nicolet National Forest, home to deer, bears, and grouse, is one of the last true wild places in the northwoods.

The 35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US

Now in its fifth year, our annual “Best Towns for Sportsmen” feature is an OL institution. Readers love to argue the merits of their burgs based on our rankings; local newspapers crow about the inclusion of their town; and realtors call to ask for extra copies of the issue.

This year we’re forgetting all the socio-economic data and focusing on what matters most: hunting and fishing. In the next few pages, you’ll find the 35 towns in the U.S. where we would live right now, based solely on the outdoor opportunities there. Some boast bass and deer, others elk and trout or ducks and redfish. Regardless, each of these towns is an outdoors mecca in its own right, and from sea to shining sea, they offer the best hunting and fishing in America.

Monday, May 18, 2015


The Bays:
 Party boats are posting up some IMPRESSIVE striper counts with a few big halibut in the mix. On Saturday 6-16 Jim Smith on the Happy Hooker reported 50 stripers to 11 pounds adding 4 all 'toad" halibut to 23 pounds. Jim said they had one drift where they put in 20 fish in just ten minutes. Jim says with the big tides being on the right spot at the right time is key to success. With over 4 decades experience Jim is still learning new things each day.
 James Smith on the Cal Dawn reported 19 stripers to 20 pounds adding 7 halibut to 29.
 Jay on the Huck Finn out of Emeryville 33 stripers to 16 pounds adding 7 halibut to 24 pounds for 19 anglers. All three were working the usual haunts from Angel Islands to Alcatraz to Mel's Reef and the Berkeley flats. The Smith gang in Berkeley and the Emeryville sport center have lots of space available. While they are targeting bass and buuts in the bays now look for more boats to be running rockfish and ling trips. Emeryville is running salmon trips as well most days. Once school gets out those prime summer dates will book up quickly.

Striped bass fishing remained outstanding with Captain Joel Sinkay and his merry band of misfits going ‘balls out’ for 28 limits of striped bass and a halibut on the California Dawn on Tuesday. He said, “It was rough out there, and we stayed on the rockpiles throughout the day near Alcatraz for the stripers, but we didn’t hit any sandy areas for halibut throughout the day.” They were fishing off of Mel’s Reef and Blossom Rock for the majority of the day.
 Captain Jim Smith of the Happy Hooker worked hard to keep his charter focused on fishing on Monday 5-11, and they finally were able to come to and come through by the afternoon for 35 striped bass and 3 halibut. He said, “There were several times that we had four and five fish hanging to land one or two, and all of locations were holding fish.” The charter was composed of plumbers, and they displayed their manual dexterity by getting the feel for hooking up by the afternoon. Smith is looking for some excellent halibut scores over the next few days. They have open loads on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the coming weekend.
 The halibut bite has restarted in earnest, and Captain Jay Lopes of Right Hook Sport Fishing is focusing on the flatfish with 9 big halibut for 5 anglers on Tuesday 5-12.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pat Weiss

Pat grew up in East Hickory, in northwestern Pennsylvania, and currently resides with his wife, Karen, in Centre Hall near the Keystone State’s wild trout havens of Penns, Fishing and Spring Creeks. He graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Environmental Resource Management with an emphasis on midge fishing at Fisherman’s Paradise. Pat is entering his fourth year of competitive fly-fishing and is addicted to the challenges it provides.

Devin Olsen

I started fly fishing at age 9. I will never forget my first day where I caught a beautiful cutthroat on an ant in the first meadow of the famed Slough Creek in Yellowstone. Though I’d been fishing with hardware since I was a toddler, that day started an addiction to fly fishing that only keeps getting stronger. When I fished against Lance Egan and Ryan Barnes in the former Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fishing Master’s in 2004 I knew I had to find a way to compete in the sport I loved. It was serendipitous that I worked with both these anglers a year later after they had made Fly Fishing Team USA. I fished in my first regional and made the team myself in 2006. The ensuing years have been more educational than I could have ever imagined. I’ve since been fortunate enough to have a fair amount of success domestically which has provided me the wonderful opportunity to fish with my teammates in what will be my 6th consecutive World Fly Fishing Championship in the Czech Republic 2014. My greatest hope is to be on the podium with my teammates when we win our first World Championship medal.

Away from competitive fishing I am finishing my Master’s degree in Fisheries Science. I have a wonderful wife Julia of 8 years and a son who should be showing up any day now. Hopefully he’ll help field the next generation of Fly Fishing Team USA.

Russ Miller

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago I quickly found my escape from the urban landscape on the rivers and woods that were bike ride away from home. It was not until I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder did my fishing hobby become my focus and passion. Working as a guide through collage I quickly learned the waters of the front range and beyond. Finding solitude in the high country and honing technical skills on the South Platte river I chased wild trout across the west. Now living in Seattle, WA and married to my long time lover and biggest supporter Jessie, I is still find time to chase the dream.  Exploring the stillwaters and trout streams of the Northern Cascades. Not to mention figuring out all of the coastal salmon and steelhead fishing. With each move around the county I have been lucky enough to add to my arsenal of tricks and find new and fun ways to catch fish on a fly.  Working for Sage, RIO and Redington does not hurt the "cause" either!

"I could not be more proud and excited to represent the USA at the Boznia next summer.  I am always looking forward to seeing whats around the next bend in the river and sharing those experiences with close friends."

Norm Maktima

Growing up in northern New Mexico presented Norman Maktima with plenty of outdoor opportunities. His childhood was spent hunting, hiking, camping, and mostly fishing. At the age of seven he took to the fly rod and has fished his way across the world!

1998 was the first World Youth Fly Fishing Championships, which were held in Wales, UK. The US youth team fished well and finished with a Team silver medal! Norman, in his first year of competitive fly fishing won the individual Gold medal! Since then he has earned a spot on the adult Fly Fishing Team USA’s roster competing in Sweden, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, and Norway for the World Fly Fishing Championships. Slovenia has been his best finish since the Youth World championship, finishing in 6th out of 105 competitors. Along with World Championships, Norman has had two 3rd place finishes in the US National Fly Fishing Championships in 2009 (with a Team Silver) and 2011 (with a team Gold). He finished 2nd in the Canadian National Championships in 2008, with a Team Gold. Recently, in the 2013 America Cup, he and his teammates of Team Naranja took Gold. As a result of his competition experience, Norman has developed several flies as a signature tyer for Umpqua Feather Merchants.

Apart from guiding, Norman loves to teach aspects of fly fishing to those wanting to expand there skills and techniques. The knowledge he has gained from time on the water is passed on through clinics and classes, ranging from casting, rigging, euronymphing, standard techniques, loch style techniques, and fly tying. As well Norman has organized and hosted three Southwest Regional Qualifiers in New Mexico to give others an opportunity to compete and try to earn a spot on Fly Fishing Team USA. Norman’s belief is; what knowledge he has gained does no good if no-one else is able to benefit from it!

Josh Graffam

I grew up in southern NH and started fly fishing at the age of 9. While in college at the University of New Hampshire began guiding on the Delaware River for Al Caucci. Once completing my business degree I moved west where I guided for Western Rivers Fly shop(Dutch John, UT) in the spring and Jack Dennis Sports(Jackson, WY) during the summers. After 5 years of being a ski bum in the winter I decided to dedicate myself to trout fishing spending the next 3 winters on the south island of NZ.

After 7 years of living below the poverty line I was offered a job at The Ranch at Rock Creek as their head fishing guide. I spent one year there in Phillipsburg MT until returning to Wyoming to work as the activities director for Brush Creek Ranch. I now live in Saratoga WY year round and spend most of my time fishing the upper North Platte valley. I started competitive fly fishing in 2009 and qualified for Fly Fishing Team USA in the spring of 2011.  I competed in my first World Fly Fishing Championships in 2013 in Mosjoen Norway and will be competing in 2014 WFFC in the Czech Republic.

Lance Egan

Lance Egan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been fly fishing since age 12.  He now lives in Lehi, Utah where he is minutes away from many of Utah’s lakes and streams that Lance considers “home water”.  Lance has made a career of fly fishing and is currently employed at Cabelas in Lehi, Utah.

Lance comes from a family of non-anglers, yet fish have intrigued him since he was too young to talk.  Lance's parents claim to have caused his “fish frenzy”.  When he was a baby, and not sleeping through the night, Lance's parents would prop him up in front of a large aquarium where he would abruptly stop crying and watch the fish until falling back to sleep.  Now, Lance is a completely obsessed angler.

Lance is a pro staff member of Ross Reels, Scientific Anglers, Performance Flies, Flycraft and William Joseph as well as an Umpqua Feather Merchants Signature Fly Designer.  Lance also tests prototype fishing gear for Simms Fishing Products and Cabelas 

Seiad Valley

Our home base is Seiad Valley, located approximately midstream on the "Klamath River" in the State of California. Famous for being the Steelhead Capital of the World, this location enables our guides to access a large portion of the river with minimum driving time.

In addition to the Klamath River, we also fish the Eel, Chetco and Smith Rivers at the peak of their seasons for salmon and steelhead.  All our fishing trips are designed to be as productive and enjoyable as possible for our customers.  This is why we only fish the respective rivers at the peaks of the salmon and steelhead seasons.  We utilize Willie drift and jet boats furnished with some of the industries leading rods and tackle for all our fishing trips.

We are setup for fisherman ranging from the novice to the expert and whether you wish to utilize conventional gear or our favorite fly-fishing.  Whatever your desire Seiad Valley Guide Service will design a fishing adventure to address your desire and needs.

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