Sunday, May 17, 2015

Devin Olsen

I started fly fishing at age 9. I will never forget my first day where I caught a beautiful cutthroat on an ant in the first meadow of the famed Slough Creek in Yellowstone. Though I’d been fishing with hardware since I was a toddler, that day started an addiction to fly fishing that only keeps getting stronger. When I fished against Lance Egan and Ryan Barnes in the former Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fishing Master’s in 2004 I knew I had to find a way to compete in the sport I loved. It was serendipitous that I worked with both these anglers a year later after they had made Fly Fishing Team USA. I fished in my first regional and made the team myself in 2006. The ensuing years have been more educational than I could have ever imagined. I’ve since been fortunate enough to have a fair amount of success domestically which has provided me the wonderful opportunity to fish with my teammates in what will be my 6th consecutive World Fly Fishing Championship in the Czech Republic 2014. My greatest hope is to be on the podium with my teammates when we win our first World Championship medal.

Away from competitive fishing I am finishing my Master’s degree in Fisheries Science. I have a wonderful wife Julia of 8 years and a son who should be showing up any day now. Hopefully he’ll help field the next generation of Fly Fishing Team USA.

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